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Ian Somerhalder *°*Black and Grey*°*
♥ I love Skelanimals ♥
Selena Gomez Black White(~Oriqinal Blinqee~)DONT COPY!DemiLovat1998
 *For All My Blingee Friends* True friendship is hard to find... but i..  i´ve found ♥♥ Original by ♥♫-Lenii-♫♥
Ⓚⓘⓡⓐⓚⓘⓢⓗⓞⓤ **dont copy**
Selena Gomez Yellow Black (~Oriqinal Blinqee~)DONT COPY!DemiLovat1998
Selly Pink Vintage(~Oriqinal Blinqee~)DONT COPY!DemiLovat1998
Selly sWeeT!!--oRiiGiinaL BlinGee--[by marijonatica
[Bill KAULITZ ♥♥♥ white-grey-black-blue]
Gothic II.
Tecna Dont Copy
MiLeY & LiaM[OoRiiGiiNaL]esPeRoO Qe Oos GusTe:)