nina dobrev black and white

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Don't lose your smile//Nina Dobrev
**Nina Dobrev**black and white polaroids "© m.τ.pя¡йςзŝš"
nιna doвrev - "lιғe ιѕ lιĸe a pιcтυre. ιғ yoυ ѕмιle ιѕ вeттer"
Nina Dobrev black and white//Summer
Nina Dobrev
We are alone and we hate it! (Katherine and Klaus)
I've been in love. It's painful,pointless and overrated.
°. Nina Dobrev. ° white and black
Nina dobrev boxing in pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{["You are the only thing in any room you are in"]}Katherine Pierce by beatrice_andra
{["Game On"]}Katherine Pierce//Vampire Diares by beatrice_andra
Nina dobrev blue and gold!!!!!!!!!!!!