my name is sayid jarrah and i am a torturer

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My Angel Watches Over Me,Because I Am A Victim Of Alzheimer's I Really Am,Di.
!!my name is khan!! 06.05.10<3
O0o°My NaMe Is......!°o0O
me and mwa friends
Kagome...I am a girl
LADY GAGA Not that I don´t like you, I´m just at a Party. And I am sick an tired of my Phone R-Ringring
Secret Love-Katherine and Jeremy
~♥♫• Ikki` (from` Amnesia`) - I` am` a` Gamer`,Not` because` I` don't` have` a` life` But` I` choose` to` have` many•♫♥~
I am a cute model
I Am A Vampire
My Name Is Mr Cool by Preciousbaby63