my first kiss with you

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When we gave our first kiss( Please read the story under the bling)
Our First Kiss 9-5-1996
Primer Amor   (first Love)
''уσυ ¢αи ¢αℓℓ υѕ υиρєяfє¢т, вυт ωнσ'ѕ ρєяfє¢т؟'' ¢нαρтєя 1 - тнє ℓσνє ρσєм {куνι fαиfι¢}
Dolly Parton
Michael & Paris-Butterfly Kisses (Lyrics in description)
Arnold & Helga - "Finally..."
[i love you][2° versione][4 the boy i love][gothic][black][white][by bimbahousexoxo]
You are the light in my dark world ....
HURRA..ich kann WIEDER basteln...