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Bestest Friends! Pop Princesses! Demi Lovato (Mannu) and Miley Cyrus (Me)!! I Luv U So Much!! Luvs
miley and me jet skiing
Taylor Swift (Miila) and Miley Cyrus (Me) BFF!!! WE ROCK!!! Luvs Ya!!!
Miley Cyrus (Me) and Ashley Tisdale (Mannu) BFF'S!! Always luv u so much!! ♥
Miley Cyrus (Me) and Demi Lovato (eLLa) BFF's!! WE JUST SAW A JONAS LOL!!!
Miley and me
miley sad
me and my new dog miley!
Miley Cyrus (Me)
...Miley Cyrus & Emily OsmenT...
♥☺♦ • ★♪Miley Merry Chirtsmas +LOved* Precious :) *FAv*