just wait for me

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all those lies, I knew them all along, I just wait for you to tell me the truth, because I trust you..
"Lord Undo Me"
I Can't Wait For Another Year..
~♥"*You and I*"♥~ {Happiness is you & me together♥}*~for my favourites twins & crazy barbie ♥ B {like Bia ^^}♥i miss u♥
Wait Until Tonight
for a friend ......
『✿...уσυ ¢αи'т ѕρєℓℓ αωєѕσмє ωιтнσυт мє!...✿』
~In Memory of My Loving Dad, Thomas~
Wait Until Emmet Comes
PLZ, pray for my dad
Damon and Elena-Just a dream...
i wait for you