emo i 3 you

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i love you
I love you forever 3
[[Voi ridete xk io sn diversa...Io rido xk voi siete tt uguali]] ||Abbey this is fOr yOu... I <3 U|| Original blingee by CLA151
I *Love* You <3 *by Kovacs94*
⇖⇗✒✘✗I'm The New Cancer, N e v e r l✕✕ked better~!✘☗✗⇘⇙
I love you kitty <3 - LedaMonsterBunny
>>I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth<<
Babe Wars Part 3: Cleo's Struggle
"I love you" are the words of ur sweetest suicide
Airica Macabre Scene-Princess by OoX-Pinky-XoO 4 you Bejci <3
I close my eyes just to find you ! <3
...You & I, Forever to the end All Time...