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Thumbs Up Baby   by Maddi @ BRU
Naptime Please No Deleting Me Love ALL 1273 Of You <3
☺♥┼♥☻©ee мe?:. Never l.ι.ѕ.т.e.n ι !ѕ~c~r~e~a~м! yoυr n☺мe,,ιт alw☻yѕ ѕt♂ys тнe ѕ ♥ м e!©ee мe?:. ~~_~~☺♥♥╬♥☻''ѿ''
"Thumbs Up To Candy!"
☼ѻѺѻ☺☻щз'rҙ άηyҭhїйg вuҭ ♥ r d i n a r y♪♫ ѺѻѺ☺☻Vau~Chelsea☼
Җҗ««Ÿ.Ÿй◙w їїм ѦL҅I҆Vз!җ҅F♀aиdлз ϩcάr↨eҭҖ
✫✪✫ ι'м тнe { в a d d e ѕ т } gιrl aroυnd! ✫✪✫
⇀⇀YOU↼↼мαкє ⇀⇀ME↼↼ ×ʄɘɘɭ ɭɩKɘ× ¡m livin' a 「TEENAGE DREAM♥」  [Kenresa]
☆★☻『excuse M■E //ⓨⓞⓤ'ⓡⓔ// a H E L L ⒪~⒡ a guy~✡☆★☻
Surround Yourself With Dreams~For "ALL" My Friends
ω н α т тнє н~є~ℓ~ℓ ¢αи ι ∂σ, тσ f . ι  g . υ  я . є συт, нσω тσ gєт, ¢~ℓ.~σ.ѕ - є тσ у σ υ؟... уσυ ∂ α м и נ~є~w¢αятмαи+куℓє☻♥