Disney and Dreamworks

Disney and Dreamworks

Blingees Of moviies. Blingees de peliculas.

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Fantasy ❤ Disney ❤ Dreamworks  

In this group only is allowed blingees of movies of Disney and Dreamworks (EXAMPLE: Frozen, Tangled, Jack Frost and rise of the guardians, How to train your dragon, Minions, Brave, etc), also of Jelsa, Jackunzel, Janna, Mericcup, Hiccelsa, Hiccanna, Hijack and Jerida.
And some Fantasy

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En este grupo solo se permiten blingees de peliculas de Disney y Dreamworks (EJEMPLO: Frozen, Enredados, Jack Frost y el origen de los guardianes, Como entrenar a tu dragon, minios, Valiente, etc), tambien de Jelsa, Jackunzel, Janna, Mericcup, Hiccelsa, Hiccanna, Hijack y Jerida.
Y algunos blingees de fantasy.

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DISNEY: Frozen Elsa and Anna Sisters Forever
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Your favorite movie// Tu pelicula favorita
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