Immortal Images

Immortal Images

Blingees belong here! If they could talk, they would ask to be displayed here!

  • 創始者: Blackcat41
  • ナンバー数: 24
  • Blingee数: 963
Embracing the beauty of art by allowing it to make you feel! Emotions, expressed by the artist are, in essence, impressed upon and into the viewer! 

Let this group be the embodiment of sorrow, joy, love, gratitude, longing, envy, peace, mourning, passion, truth, life, emptiness, hope, loneliness, pride, fear, solace, or any other way you feel!

The Blingees showcased here are a compilation of all types of art and subject matter! Animals, words and sayings, nature, people, gothic, fantasy, anime...the possibilities are endless! Your imagination is your only limit!


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Goth v. Emo
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Icon for January...
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Animal Rights!
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