[: Anime Girl :]

[: Anime Girl :]

Check Out Our KAWAII Blingees!!! ^^

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Welcome anime lovers^^

Join this group to enter group competitons and upload your anime Blingees, but all Blingees uploaded must be related to anime girls...that's all I'm asking for...have fun!

There will be competitions held as soon as we get more than 30 members, so pls invite ur friends^^

Unfortunately you do not get badges but winners can chose to give me their emails and I'll sent a personalized anime picture to them^^ (Done by me of course^^)

I hope everyone will be active and I have created a few games to keep members here occupied when they're bored here^^

ARIGATO for joining this group members and I look forward to all of your participations^^

(Gomenasai, this group is still new and I hope to make it lively as soon as possible)
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All New Members Pls come here^^
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Favourite Anime Girl
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GAME: Her Name
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