|We ♥ Television|

|We ♥ Television|

• The group for any and all TV shows. We ♥ Television •

  • 創始者: Livingwater
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Welcome! We ♥ Television is a group for those who love to be creative with their favorite television shows. Discover new shows that you never knew existed. Make blingees of any TV series or series character. Compete in frequent challenges. Whether it be an old show, new show, or cartoon show, it's all welcome here. ☺ 

Founder: Livingwater (Lindsey)

**Challenges are no more, simply because I'm too busy to keep them going (and no one was that enthusiastic about them in the first place). Feel free to spam the group with your favorite TV shows, though.

↳ If you would like to receive notifications: 

↳ I now accept blingees of TV actors/actresses into the group. However, they are NOT accepted in challenges. Challenge rules will remain the same as always, unless specified.

↳ Challenge winners:

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