The xBiggestFanx club!

The xBiggestFanx club!

This now takes place at blingee, not just Youtube :D

♥ #1 fan club members:♥
♥xBiggestKatyFanx-Presidnt of teh xBiggestFanx club.♥
♥Co-presidnt needed!♥

♥Katy's #1 fan: xBiggestKatyFanx♥

♥ Club Rulez♥

♥ Rule #1: Only usernames with xx or x can join.♥ 
♥ Rule #2:♥ Be nice, if you fight, you'll be kicked out.♥ 
♥Rule #3:♥ Plz don't quit. Once you join, you stay.(unless we kick you out)♥ 
♥ Rule #4:♥ Don't invite any hackers, trolls, or bullys please.♥ 
♥Rule #5♥ Only make vids about that spcific charcter.♥

♥ Rules made by,♥ 
~♥ The Presidnt, xBiggestKatyFanx♥~ 


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