Music Stars Palace~

Music Stars Palace~

Do you love contests and music? Then join :) Anyone is welcome, long as they do the contests :)

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Do you love~
♪♫ Heavy Metal?
♪♫ Classic Rock?
♪♫ Oldies?
♪♫ Pop?
♪♫ Rap?
♪♫ Or just about every music there is?

Then welcome to Music Stars Palace, this is were we do contests for bands, singers, etc. We do all genres of music. :)

✿ No Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Demi What's Her Face, Miley Cyrus, or any other teenage Disney singers type. Contests and Blingees with this themes are not acceptable here, sorry :|
✿ No rudeness, you will be removed
✿ If you go three weeks with doing at least one contest, you will be removed. Unless you have a good reason such as vacation, got sick/injured, or had family problems.

How We Work~
★Contests begin on Mondays. They end on Fridays, and voting is held on Saturdays and early Sundays. 
★ Winner is announced late Sunday.
★ Winner gets to pick next contest. It can be anything he/she wants (long as they follow the rules!) Winner will also have their Blingee as Club Profile pictures
★ If winner does NOT tell me the contest BEFORE Wednesday, I WILL PICK THE CONTEST! It will more then likely be a whatever you want contest.
Tuяn Up Tнe Vσℓυмe♪
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