**Twilight Teams**

**Twilight Teams**

for everyone and anyone who loves Edward, Jacob, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Victoria, James, Laurent, and any other character in the Twilight saga!

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I'm for Team Alice!!! lol...but i love the saga period so i guess it doesn't matter. =]

My name is Desiree (21 yrs old) and i love Twilight, anime/mangas, anything cute and adorable, cats, music, etc.

My fav top 10 bands:
-Linkin Park
-Three Days Grace
-Breaking Benjamin
-Lacuna Coil
-Within Temptation

I decided to go and make this group simply for Twilight fans everywhere that don't have a group already...plus no offense to anyone..i'm making this group contest decisions more biased...so every contest winner will be chosen by creativity/artistic view and imagination..so good luck everyone!!! =]


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