David archuleta

David archuleta

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He surprise me, alot. He has faith. He believes in himself. He is very likeable He Is A HOTTIE. He sings and plays the piano at the same time. He has originality. He is humble. He is the best singer in this season or any season. haha how could u not love him? with that amazing voice, total hottness, innocent smile that makes me melt, humblness and overall niceness, it's kinda hard not 2 love him! I hope he wins. VOTE FOR DAVID

I love David Archuleta. got a problem with that? I AM HIS #1 FAN!! Any problems with that? I will be Mrs. Archuleta!! EAT THAT OTHER ARCHIE FANS!!

*Facts On David James Archuleta:
*Eye Color: Hazel [like me]
*Favorite Color: Purple and yellow
*David won Star Search 2 when he was 12
*David suffered from vocal paralysis when he was younger
*Jordin Sparks thinks david is cute
*Favorite Food: Pizza and lettuce
*Birthday: December 28, 1990
*David always wheres a rubber band on his LEFT wirst.
*David says a prayer before he sings
*David is VERY proper
*He is also random
*he loves Ty food (i think thats how you spell it)
*i think his favorite movie is rat race
*David is left handed
*David is a mormon
*Davids height is 5'6 1/2"
*David wouldnt change anything about him if he had the chance to
*David draws insperation from his friends and family
*One of Davids nicknames is lettuce boy
*David likes being outside playing Gutair Hero and Broadway musicals
*If David had a day to do whatever he wanted he would spend Quality time with his fam
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I Went to David A. Concert lat NITE!!!
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David on Icarly :]
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No wonder he's so H.O.T.=HOT!!!
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why soo like him??
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