Bambi The Film Lovers


This is a group for people who love the film Bambi and Bambi 2 eny Bambi and the charecters from Bambi and Bambi 2

If you love the prince Bambi join this since Bambi is friendly you half to be friendly in this group.But if you hate the Bambi films  dont join!This is a group you to join if you love the charecters from Bambi and the film Ronno Faline Bambi Thumper Flower FriendOwl and the other charecters!

         Please follow the rules
             ~Group Rules~
Be friendly to other members in the group

Dont join if you hate Bambi the film

Only people can join if you love the film and the charecters from it

Members of the group will be bannded and blocked if you dont follow these rules.

Enjoy the group


キーワード: ROnno bambi faline flower thumper


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