Demetria Lovato

Demetria Lovato

Demi Lovato Is the Best!!! Join This Group and ONLY DEMI LOVATO LOVERS!!! (NOT HATERS!!)

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                 hi guys, this is a  demi lovato fan club and i hope you join and add blingee's and im trying to get info on demi but not her personal stuff, just some info this is all i have

Name: Demetria Lovato
Phone Number: (972)499-4918

thats all i could find i will find more info on Demi and I hope you join this group and join my upcoming group called Jonas Brother Coming In Oct.7 and i have some info on them and blingee's and i hope you join that one but join some of these groups  i made s Far there will be info on those a little. There is a Competition Coming Up If you Add a lot of blingee's of demi lovato and i will choose who has the best one out of the people who Had MORE blingee's of demi and there will be a 1st,2nd, and 3rd place winner and i will annouce it here and im thinking the contest can end in Oct.20 So, I hope you can join this Demetria Lovato(Demi Lovato), and Have fun here! And i will give you some updates On Demi Lovato WHEN i find some ok :)  Bye 
P.S im not gona get into her private,personal stuff that will be really mean,!
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Phone number.
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