a nelena story part 6

a nelena story part 6
selena and nick where hanging out at the park they used to play at when they were little. then nick got a text from demi.what did demi text to nick find out now. NICK AND SELENA ARRIVE AT DEMIS HOUSE selena:(walks rite into demis room)hey dems.whats up! demi:good ur both here nick:DEMI WHATS WRONG demi:well david just randoly came over for a lil bit ago selena:ok.. demi:well he heard me singing and was telling me how good i was. selena:ok im not sure y we had to come over if.. demi:no ok thats not what i really needed to tell u. nick:then what is it?and what song were u singing? demi:a new one i just wrote, but thats beside the point.he was asking me about u too selena:ok its understandable nick:it is? selena:do u think he would ask u or me? nick:no selena:u see its kinda reasonable demi:well he was asking me how serious u too were. demi:i told him u two went out for awhile and stuff.. selena:ok i still dont see y u needed us to urgently to rush over here. demi:i was getting to that.well he asked me if u geys ever... u know nick:y the heck would he ask that. demi:i dont know?i was totaly cought off guard. he keep pressuring me to tell him and then i kicked him out. selena:r u sure dem.thats not like davy. demi:m sure of notin more. selena:ill talk to him tom at school. nick:lena we dont have school tommorrow there at parent teacher conferences. selena:oh yeah i forgot.will u geys come with me to talk to him tom. demi:i cant i have to babysit my cousins that are coming into town tom. selena:nick will u come nick:ill come i guess selena:thanks.ok well nick and i got to get going demi:K.u two have fun.and dont do anything i wouldnt do ok. nick:bye dem. NICK AND SELENA GET OUT OF DEMIS HOUSE AND GET INTO SELENAS CAR SELEna:david was ur bestfriend until he moved away right nick:yup selena:so u think he would really say that. nick:the old david no.david changed from florida.maybe all the humidity got to his head or something selena:(giggles)what do u mean hes changed. he look like the same old david to me. nick:ok well old david would never had gone out with u after i had.its guy code. selena:guys have a code. nick:if girls can have one.y cant boys have one selena:notin its just kindda wierd.so what else is in this gey code. nick:i cant give away guy code/if the guy code gods heard me i would get murked. selena:ur such a freak nick:thanks u make me feel so good inside. selena:u know i was kidding.so do u wanna do something else. nick:sure but i get to pick where. selena:ok THEY DRIVE AROUND FOR AWHILE nick: were here selena:no wayy AT THE JONAS HOUSE joe:(sittig in the couch flipping through channels) kevin:(walks through the door)is anyone home? joe:in here kevin:hey joe joe:so y are u here kevin:i decided to come from colledge for the weekend. joe:oh ok then.so whats up at BERKLEY? kevin:classes,some parties,studyng,just coleedge stuff. joe:yeah so got any lady friends kevin:yeah she is really great.she is ganna come here this weekened. joe:sweet kevin:how about u joe:well i like demi rght now. WHERE DID NICK TAKE SELENA.HOW WILL THE TALK WITH DAVID GO. WHO IS KEVINS GIRLFRIEND?FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF A NELENA STORY.AND DONT FROGET TO SPREAD THE WORD.KK<3
作成者: Melina45d


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nice job


3912日 前
awesome can't wait for the next one


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very awesome!


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