my sister forever!!!!

my sister forever!!!!
*LOST FRIENDSHIP* So many memories from that special person… my days just keep getting worser. I can’t stop thinking about my special person. I got a big empty hole in my heart. Memories when our friendship wasn’t apart. Why did you leave without a good reason? We use to talk alot every day every month every season. I miss you. You was like my sister I used to make you laugh then I used to whisper... things in your ear, tell you how much you mean to me. Thanks for being there when I needed you I pray to god because he’s the only one who can repay you. You changed me alot. I was real negative all the things you said to me I though about it got me so positive. You made me realize my mistakes you always told me I’ll do whatever it takes... to make you better no one was ever like that to me. Your heart means so much to me. I feel real bad for our lost of communication. Maybe we will see each other in a future confrontation. Till then I’ll have you in my heart. Just remember that I will always love you my heart will always be next to yours never apart......
作成者: marshall1989


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