Runnin my Momma Crazy

Runnin my Momma Crazy
Runnin' My Momma Crazy Artist(Band):Plies Hey mama ... Know I ain't never tell you this befo' ... but it really hurt me knowin' I'm runnin' you crazy... I wanna talk to ya real quick My momma told me while I run these streets she can't sleep Her phone ring late at night she think somethin' happened to me Her nerves so bad right now she can't even watch T.V. She turn her head everytime she see the police She scared to look 'cause it might be me in the back seat Whenever she hear about a shootin' her heart skip a beat.She heard the feds was in town her knees got weak. She know I'm at the house the only time she at peace. Her blood pressure through the roof all because of me Her favorite words is "dope ain't the only way to eat" She told me the other day she hope I don't die in these streets. I just pray to God she don't wipe her hands wit' me. I'm a goon to the streets but to my momma I'm still her baby Raised a street nigga by yaself, you a hell of a lady. Shit Im doin' now got nothin' to do wit' how you raised me. Shit killin' me to know I'm runnin' my momma crazy. Goon to the streets but to my momma I'm still her baby. Raised a street nigga by yaself you a hell of a lady Shit Im doin' now got nothin' to do wit' how you raised me.Shit killin' me to know I'm runnin' my momma crazy. Remember the nights me sittin' up in a cold cell. I'm wakin' ya up out'cha sleep it's me callin' you from jail You ain't say it but I know inside you mad as hell. You called off from work just to bond me out of jail. I get in trouble I call you seem like it never fail.Can hear you now "boy you need to sit ya ass down somewhere". I come and eat I take a shower then I'm out of there I know I'm stressin' ya at times seem like I don't care. You wrote bad checks for me to have somethin' to wear. You risked ya freedom for me nowadays that's real rare. Everytime I think about the shit I wanna shed a tear That's why I buy ya somethin' for Father's Day every year. You did the best you could wit' me and I love you for that. Wanted me to stay in school but that ain't where my heart was at. I got exposed to the streets and fell in love wit' stacks And all the times I hurt you wish I could take it back. When daddy left us you stepped up and took his slack. I know I'm selfish and feelin's is somethin' I know I lack. The shit I'm doin' now I know you raised me better than that You showed me how to be a man and showed me how to act. Sometimes I wonder how you still proud I'm ya son. After all the stuff I took ya through and all the shit I done. Well like ya told me when God want me how I can't run Before he take me want you to know how much I love ya mom Think I'm speakin' for every street nigga 'round the world... I don't think we sit down long enough sometimes... Just to realize what we takin' our momma through... It hurt me to know dog... That I'm runnin' my momma crazy... And it's really killin' me to know... that I'm helpin' killin' my momma.. 3-30-09 Roxy To all the Mommas out there...Who know what I'm talkin about. PEACE
作成者: wackowoman


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3757日 前
This is a very great song!! It has alot of love and feelings from the heart!! Great Job on this blingee and on the song!! I know there are a lot who feel the same and who's mind is saying I know where your coming from.


3757日 前
Sorry, wasn't done, hehehe.  You face a much bigger challange today.  I'm really sorry Rox, this explains alot of why you say some of things you do about him.  I had no idea.  How old is he, he looks like he's in his mid 20's, he's got to learn, or the streets will eat him alive.  Wow, this is really something Rox, 5 trillion pts just for you bearing with all of these problems.


3757日 前
Rox, he's so handsome, I had no idea he was into this crap.  I truly am sorry, I've heard it is so hard to break away from it once you are 'down wit it', I don't know, I was a hippie, sure, we did our own things, but, there were no gangstas, at least, not like today.  My sis had a best friend who was in a gang and my Dad forbid her from coming in our home, it embarrassed my sis so bad, she dropped her friend......see, that's how THEY did it, not so easy now though.  Too many weapons and drugs.


3757日 前
How is it possible that you have a son this age girl? You look like his siter not his mother. He is fine. Mine is only 17, but oh can I definitley relate. We never stop worrying!


3757日 前
wow you know what my 2 oldest one sing tha song to me. not on drugs but they always out. i love tha song. girl you dont look old to have a son this age. whats your secret cream lol.


3758日 前
Ok, you can't send me shit like that! Now I'm crying and plunging rapidly into a self-pitying depression! I miss my mother and I'm so glad my kids are really good kids who don't do drugs or get into trouble...even though I'm not much of a mother to them right now! Teachers wonder why I don't get too serious about the fact that my daughter got a detention for TALKING TOO MUCH in class (today). I'm proud that that's the worst thing she's gotten a detention for! 


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