R.I.P. Kevin Michael McCallum.....7/27/2007

R.I.P. Kevin Michael McCallum.....7/27/2007
This is my little cousin... Kevin (14).... Him and my other cousin Jennifer (18) got into a wreck with 4(my other little cousin Tina (15), my boyfriend RJ (21),RJ's cousin CJ (14) and the driver Nick (20 something) other people... Jennifer died insteadly and Kevin tryed to fight it but on the way to the hospital he died they done everything they could for him but he had to much brain damage..... the drive was drunk and the 2 in the front of the truck was askin him to slow down but he didn't.... he flipped the truck twice and the truck landed on Kevins head and on the low half of Jennifers body.... the drive took off running after the 2 in the front seat and the 1 in the bed of the truck ran for help and after my family and me got there the cops finally caught the drive at 11am the next morning.... We have not had to go to court or anything yet but i hope the drive gets whats comming for him.... cause of his STUPIED actions 2 of my cousins are dead..... I love and miss you both so much.....
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