"Don't pretend to act like you care about anyone on this site!"

"Don't pretend to act like you care about anyone on this site!"
I am writing this only to talk to the community on here, which are my friends. So, Guardian/team, you can ignore this message because it's not for you. Guys, just look at how this mod was talking to us. Just look at the disgust in their words. They banned both me and Mono (lumi-anime-girl) because that's all they can do. They cannot handle us. So my question is... Was it worth it? Was it worth it to actually have faith in them? They took our worries and kindness as HATE messages. So basically everything we did, our begs and our messages, they were nothing in front of them. Open your eyes people. This Guardian you saw here, is the real Guardian. They finally took their mask off. They kept defending the team to the point that they became rude towards us, their community. Their community that they lived off, we gave them our money and this is what they're doing to us? Blingee was my comfort place. I've always loved coming on here. But apparently, they see this as a small play. They do not care. They only want to make us leave for some reason. Probably, their business is not working anymore as it was another time. Still, being this rude to us and insulting us, is not an excuse. We both, me and Mono tried to explain them the whole point of that argument. Yet, they kept refusing reading our comments and kept insulting us. Guardian also said this argument is "childish" so yes, the entire situation is "childish" for them. In the same message Guardian said "you said that the Blingee team violated some rule, your words not mine" - the moment I realized Guardian didn't read ANY of the messages we left them. They either didn't WANTED to understand, either they didn't understood for real. I am fully thankful to Mono, because they had my back in this argument. All alone, I wouldn't had been able to keep it up because I have anger issues and I cannot make arguments when I'm angry. If you want to read the whole conversation, I will not stop you. Because there were so many things that needed to be said. http://blingee.com/group/1/topic/118355-How-to-use-pic-mix- (PS: the mod deleted some comments; so the conversation is not full) After reading everything, you decide what to do next and which part are you on. Edit: Unfortunately, this Guardian deleted all the replies and changed the thread to another thing. If Blingee finds a way to come back, I will not be here anymore. So think twice before saying "I love Blingee" and beg them to come back. Think about what this moderator did to us. ((I put this in spotlight, because I am closing my account soon and I wanted everyone to see who they were trusting all this time. I completely moved on pic mix, ya'll can add me there if you wish; the link to my account is at my "Homepage" on my timeline))
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(.(◔  ◔).) bonne fin de journée
(.(_.o._).)       bravo    *****
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51日 前
It's about time The blingee team let's  us know what is going on. We have pleaded with them so many times yet, they still leave us in the dark. I only come on here  to comment and vote since, Adobe Flash player is no longer available. I think, they will just close the site ie we will no longer be able to log in, than give us any time of day. Pickmix is an ok substitute. Not the same as Blingee, although, it's better than nothing.


52日 前
holly moly this is terrible, I kind of expected it, the blingee mods always seemed dishonest to me, They never gave any info about the site or when its closing down... Jeez its all a money grab at this point, might as well move to p1c m1x at this rate! stay strong teodoruka 


54日 前
no, but seriously.
This is very bad, as a guardian it tries to change the situation to make it seem that you are the bad one.
now it turns out that for giving your opinion you are the bad one, when blingee has not given us an official statement even though 21 days have passed since the guardian06 post


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