Wanting to let everyone know that BassenMin is trying to keep all this going. I am an attorney and a male. All those she listed are friends with laakirawhitewolfwoman and if she could it would put more names up there. It is funny she only attacks laakirawhitewolfwoman. I think this person that has been attacking is jealous, wanting to continue to attach and harasse, yet from the blingee I just saw BassenMin wanted peace. laakirawhitewolfwoman extended the peace then Bassenmin started again. I know much about people like this person. If they are caught by say 8 or more people and they speak out against this person then everyone is laakirawhitewolfwoman. WOW amazing. I support friends and always will. I have looked at laakirawhitewolfwoman's profile and it seems to me that the more this person says things the more people wants to join laakirawhitewolfwoman's circle and support her. So BassenMin I know laakirawhitewolfwoman is ill and not on here. So why attack her again? Once or twice I stood up for her and some of those you mentioned in your blingee. So you say they are all laakirawhitewolfwoman. How can 4 of them be online at the same time? I think you are a bit off your rocker? New a new one!
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85日 前
What kind of men are you, William and Night, to always attack one woman like that? I think that the white wolf woman can stand up for herself and you don't have to do it, you would almost think about your behavior as a woman yourself. All become adults and behave that way. There are worse things in the world than fighting about stars. Children who die every day, cancer, war, corona virus. You make creations for yourself and not for others.  matter. Stars are in the sky and we are here.


88日 前
I also agree with this! OMG, that is awful!!


88日 前
I am very on your side! The side of the truth! I will fight for her, as well! This has happened before in the past and Blingee did something about it. But it was before someone else took over. Now THEY need to do something! They need to take care of BassenMin already and stop this bullying!


91日 前
Nicely said.  I don't know what I going on but since I started it seems that this person has made life unbearable for a lot of people on here.  I give this 5 stars because they are sticking up for what is right for them


92日 前
I agree with you on this William.  Now the fight begins.  BassenMin wants to be left alone but BassenMin keeps it up by putting up one blingee after another and laakirawhitewolfwoman will fight for the truth.  She has a strong wolf as her spirit guide.  I pray that tonight it will be enough to help laakirawhitewolfwoman.  I am stating now that I was married to laakirawhitewolfwoman and I done wrong in the marriage and not her.  There I stated it.  She deserved more and I was not man enough. 


92日 前
Super awesome and well spoken! 5*


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