Rose killed Indy?

Rose killed Indy?
Daniel: Why you killed Indy, Rose?! Rose: ... Daniel: ANSWER ME!!! Rose: I... I musted it... Daniel: What? Why? Rose: She were a evil disgusting monster! I musted to kill her. Daniel: Because of Scamp... Do you love him...? Rose: Yes, because of Scamp. But I do not love him anymore... I love you... Daniel: But why you killed her because of Scamp? Rose: Indepedence separated Angel and Scamp just to be with him. Before that she was good, and then she became evill, and... Daniel: Wait a moment...! Rose: What? Doniel: Who is an Angel, my god?! Rose: Angel is Scamp's ex girlfriend. Daniel: How I hear it for the first time. Rose: I can introduce you to her... Daniel: OK. Rose: You must to know 2 things about her... Daniel: Ok Rose: First thing, she is ready to kill anyone. Daniel: Yoy! Other thing? Rose: She is more beautiful than Indy... Daniel: Hook me!
作成者: Olivera05


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