I don't even know how long it's been since I made one of these things lol.... I made this for alli and I dunno what celebs you currently stan so I just went with my own stan bc who cares. anywaysssss. I came on here bc I was thinking about u a lot lately and how close we used to be. I really miss those days. ur the only person ive met online who I still genuinely consider a friend. in real life too, I guess. life is lonely and growing up sucks. coming on here and looking through our old memories has made me laugh so much, looking back on the times when I actually had friends like Victoria and u and pekky. it also makes me really sad tho bc idk if ill ever have friends like that again. ive just always been shit at talking to people but it was always easy to talk to u. i hope u know it was never my intention to stop talking to u or drift apart or anything like that bc u really do mean a lot to me and u have since 7th??? grade?? whenever we met, idk when it was. but its been a long ass time. and speaking of a long time, its almost time for us to go to bars and get drunk and throw up on random guys. the fact that i am 21, and ur almost 21, is crazyyyy. we made that deal so long ago hahaha wtf. we were so weird. but uhhhh i don't really know where im going with this?? but i know u were online yesterday so u better read this or ill send darth vader after u
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745日 前



747日 前
Thought about this last week thinking you forgot about me for good bc I was legit thinking "Haley is probably that same loser just sitting at home watching Netflix and online like she was years ago but she hasn't been online in years so she probably forgot about me or got her life together bc she usually spends her loner lazy days with me online" no offence lol I hope things are going well for u or get better,  fill me in soon 


747日 前
Work just keeps me busy but now that my 2nd job thinks I'm a worthless employee after working my ass off they cut my hours just cuz I asked for one day less a week. Sooo Fuck work and people lmao. 
Miss you a lot. 
Love you. 


747日 前
I'll be 21 in 6 months, then we can go to bars.  You got your licence yet?  You're coming to me bc in 6 months when my lease is up and my roommate fucks me over I'll be living my mom or dad again lol hopefully I'll. Drive soon. But we better meet some day, friendships don't really drift if we just pick up where we left off.  Idk when our streak ended on snapchat like last year or the year before idk time feels like nothing lately so we can talk whenever 


747日 前
Even real life friends are killing me,  my friends are like all moving and all I have is my work family but they cut my hours so I got like no one,  in work McDonald's in the morning but I don't like the people lol.  I miss being in middle school and just being on here and. Msn talking to you and Rochelle etc. I actually laughed more than then now 


747日 前
I mean I work 2 jobs but my night job just cut my hours by a lot so most days after 2 pm I'll just be sitting home doing nothing, honestly probably gonna be. Here bc I miss it 


747日 前
I think this is the nicest things you've ever said for someone who used to say online friends were nothing years ago lol and thought online friendships were stupid and meaningless lol but for real low-key cried,  I miss you too. Time flies, you're still my best friend. I was literally thinking how we were still randomly skyping in late 2016 even after not talk for a long time probably was a couple years honestly so maybe it's that random time we talk again. 


747日 前
 No has perdido el toque xd


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