Drama Queens:Episode 1 Pilot READ DESCRIPTION!

Drama Queens:Episode 1 Pilot READ DESCRIPTION!
(look all this season is drama ok and that's all enjoy!) *alarm rings* It was bright and early sun was shining today was the day that Amanda's new school is now she got ready for school she was wearing normal clothes like T-shirt jeans and her favorite hat she loves wearing the hat that says ''Swag!'' for no reason cause she thinks she the swag of them all she asked her mom to let her pick up her car ''hey mom can drive me to school and pick me up?'' she said ''why i thought you like riding the bus to school?'' Amanda thought for a moment ''ok don't pick me i'm riding the bus'' ''that's my girl!'' she didn't think she can take her phone but she took it anyway ''ok bye mom'' ''bye honey i put her lunch in your backpack bye!'' on the bus there was bunch of elementary kids and middle school kids and the people in the back was the high school people she didn't know where to sit until ''hey newbie'' she turned she say two blonde girl just sitting waving at us ''sit with us!'' Amanda walked to sit with them ''are you a newbie?'' ''uh yeah isn't pretty obvious?'' ''well a little nice to meet you spit your name out'' ''well my name is Amanda,Amanda Calbree you two?'' ''Katie and Brittany it's nice to meet you'' ''hi Katie hi Brittany it's nice to meet you too so what is this bus?'' ''nothing but a piece of crap Bus 33 the most craziest bus EVER!'' Brittany said. ''Really? how crazy?'' ''well it's full of horrible kids who like to pull your hair out and the middle school peeps who like to get knowledge out of skin and the high school people who is smarter then most'' ''ooh wow what is the high school called?'' Amanda said. ''well if you haven't seen the picture it's called Lioran High School pretty silly name for a school right?'' ''*laughs* yeah that is pretty weird *turns head* who are those people over there?'' ''i knew that was coming those people are called The Gang Fang but they are actually jocks they are like cats in the sky'' ''*giggles that is funny'' ''well the next stop is out school you might enjoy it or hate it it's your choice as always as the school says ''We can chew you up and spit you out,Or we can make your dreams come true'' that is pretty dramatic as i call it'' ''well yeah that is pretty dramatic do you guys have cells like iphones or ipods?'' ''well we have phones if that is what you are asking us'' Katie said ''Well i got a iphone for like my birthday either though birthday parties are really silly and weird'' ''uh yeah well we are getting off do you know where to go?'' ''well um no i never actually went to this school and checked it out so?'' ''oh yeah come down where we are and we will tell you'' ''ok'' Amanda followed Brittany and Katie to the bus stop'' ''ok'' she pointed to the office right near the lockers are at ''go over there and ask for a piece of flyers i hope you are near us'' ''yeah i hope too'' Amanda walked to the office to get her flyers ''um excuse me miss can i have a few flyers please?'' the lady was callings people out of seconds and seconds there is always calling,calling,and calling. ''Hello why are you here miss oh yes you are the new student ok here is your flyers'' Amanda was going to grab it from her hands until the woman said ''no no you can't touch me unless if you got soap or hand sanatizer on you'' ''um ma'm you said something wrong'' ''I DON'T CARE!'' she just grabbed her pen and pushed the flyers toward me and the flyers fell on purpose by her. she whispered to the other lady i bet i heard her say ''she is way stupider then i thought'' but that was only me. I grabbed the flyers and walked back outside the hallway ''locker number 122...'' she was walking to her locker looking at her flyers until she bumped into this guy ''oh my gosh i'm so sorry'' Tristan said ''it's ok i just wasn't looking where i was going'' ''here let me help you pick up the flyers'' they both picked up the flyers hand in hand then they touched hands Amanda blushed 0//0 ''oh um...'' Tristan said they bothed let go of the flyers ''i am so sorry i should go'' Amanda said ''but before i go what's your name?'' ''my name is Tristan you?'' ''well um my name is Amanda'' ''hi Amanda welcome to Lioran High School i hope you enjoy the school'' the bell rang ''OH NO i got to go put my stuff in my locker um bye Tristan!'' she ran to her locker as fast as she could ''well i hope she got a late pass for that i bet she does...'' (Tristan was a hall manager because he had the idea of it so the girl that he loved let her run either though it wasn't fair for other students he didn't care) ''what do i have first?'' Amanda said ''oh yes History!'' she walked fast to her class (hehehe that was awesome riming did i say that right?) ''sorry for being late Mr.Berg i got lost'' ''can i see your late pass young lady?'' ''why yes'' she opened her backpack and gave him the late pass ''ok pick a seat please'' she looked for seats until she saw...Emily the most popular girl in the school she have to sit next to her because that was the only spot she could get because all the seats was taken ''oh um can i sit here?'' ''um you can sit on the floor if you like because you look like a dog'' everybody laughed but she just sat at her seat ''ok class today we are going to review the presidents who wants to go first?''
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