Dove Cameron(s) and the Rainbow Girls

Dove Cameron(s) and the Rainbow Girls
Did you know that Liv and Maddie are the same person? Well, Dove Cameron acts as both Liv AND Maddie. Also, did you know that Twilight Sparkle's voice actor is also Raven from Teen titan's voice actor? Also Cadence and Lyra Heartstrings share a voice actress, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Nurse Readheart have the same voice actress, Also, you may never believe this, but Rarity, Granny Smith, Photo Finish, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Cup Cake, Lotus Blossom, Doctor Whooves, and DERPY HOOVES have the same voice actress!! Remember Spryte from the Legend of Zelda show? How about Kootie Pie Koopa from the Mario cartoon? They have the same actress as the ponies I listed before! Fluttershy's voice actress is the same one as Pinkie Pie and Fleetfoot. Wow!
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"alvin and the chipmunks girls of rock and roll"の作成に使われた8コのグラフィック
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