Happy July Birthday, by Joyful226

Happy July Birthday, by Joyful226
Wishing all who have a birthday in July a Very Happy Birthday. Your birthstone a ruby and birth flower is a Larkspur.That is the reason for ruby's and larkspur flowers. the Ruby "The gleaming Ruby should adorn, All those who in July are born, For thus they'll be exempt and free, From lover's doubts and anxiety."……. For those who were born in the month of July the Ruby is the traditional birthstone. The July birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Ruby is associated - devotion, integrity, courage and happiness. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties for the July Birthstone Ruby are vitality, confidence and strength. The healing properties of the July birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the blood and infection and increasing positive thought patterns. The Ruby is also used to enhance energy, generosity and to bring prosperity and success….. The ruby was one of the 12 stones in the high priest's breastplate (Exodus 28:17) Symbol: preciousness, of great value, costly glories, wisdom, and prized treasure…. Rubies are the red gem variety of the mineral corundum. Rubies get their red color from traces of chromium. All other colors of corundum are called sapphire. Rubies are the among the hardest of the gemstones with only the diamond being harder. Called “king of the gems” in some ancient cultures, rubies are considered the rarest and most precious gemstone in the world. They are generally not as large as some of the other gemstones. While sapphire, diamond and emerald gems weighing hundreds of carats exist, high quality rubies of even 20 carats are rare. The price of a gem-quality ruby will far exceed the price of a diamond of the same size…. In European lore during the Middle Ages, Ruby was believed to convey good health, resolve disagreements and remove negative thoughts. It was long revered as a stone of royalty, and the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan was said the have offered an entire city in exchange for a huge Ruby. …. Rubies vibrate with an enthusiasm for life, instilling an openhearted willingness to make whatever leaps of faith are required to move forward. If one feels stuck in any sort of rut - in career, in relationships, or in one’s spiritual path - Ruby can provide the energy to get things moving. …. THE LARKSPUR JULY BIRTH FLOWER When giving the Larkspur the romantic meaning of the July Birth Flower, the Larkspur is an open heart and ardent attachment or as the old Farmer’s Almanac states , larkspur indicates strong bonds of love. …… The name Delphinium (its scientific name) is also commonly known as larkspur. The plant's name comes from the shape of the spur, which resembles the hind toe of a lark. Other names include Lark’s Claw, Knight’s Spur and Lark’s Heel (by Shakespeare). Larkspur (delphinium consolida) belongs to the buttercup family –. Native to Europe, it has naturalized throughout North America. The Larkspur is among the showiest of all cultivated flowers. These flowers are almost as complex as the orchids….. All parts of the plant contain an alkaloid delphinine and are very poisonous, causing vomiting when eaten, and death in larger amounts. Domestic sheep are apparently not affected by the toxins in larkspur. Therefore sheep are sometimes used to help eradicate the plant on cattle ranges….. Health Benefits and Uses In small amount however the larkspur has been used in medicine. Some conditions that have been treated with delphinium are insect bites, parasitic infestation, dropsy, and asthma. It was also historically used for eye complaints and is associated with Saint Odile, the patron saint of eye and ear diseases. It is believed that drinking the seed could help the sting from a scorpion, and that putting it in your hair can help kill lice and nits. The juice of the flowers, mixed with alum, gives a blue ink. In Transylvania, because of the blue color, It is used on the stables to ward away witches. The larkspur is the July birth flower. The flower has a meaning of lightness and levity….. For more on St. Odile also known as Saint Odilia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odile_of_Alsace and http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=15 Wishing you a very Happy July Birthday. Blessings always.. Connie XXOO
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1982日 前
..........///_\\\\ Your blingee creation 
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S ♥ U ♥ P ♥ E ♥ R ♥ 
Blingee !! 5  ♥
happy wednesday


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Beautiful! 5 ♥ 
Have A Great Weekend!!!♥ ♥ 


1988日 前
♥ (‘ ” ” ()   bonjour
.(“( ‘o’ , ) magnifique
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,(¯`♥´¯)… belle création
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BELLISIMO 5********


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