Thinking of you our friendship. <3

Thinking of you our friendship. <3
Bethy, I won't forget anything. I remember when we met and we were instant best friends. We were for a year! from March 2010 to March 2011. We planned on meeting in person and had many amazing memories on here and MSN. Then by 2011, I was a shitty friend and so were you. We hated eachother for awhile and were on and off friends in the summer time in 2011. But, when we were friends in that time you, me, Elisa, Mandy, Vanille, and Tyla shared some pretty funny and beautiful memories on MSN and blingee. But, overall we had terrible memories between you and me and by 2012 we were somwhat okay and promised to always believe eachother other and not let anyone come inbetween us. That promise didn't last at all. I got hacked and you got called a bitch and you didn't believe me when I said I didn't say it. We weren't friends for a few months again. By mid summer 2012 we some how managed to talk and be friends again but then I misunderstood something when I never you on MSN so i assumed you weren't my friend anymore. By September 2012 you came back to blingee and we worked everything out and were best friends to eachother. and we have been up til a month ago. We were #1 to eachother and I missed that but you didn't care and don't care. I havn't talked to you since. But, I love you. <3 you will always be in my heart as my friend and twin. <3 I cry all the time lately, i listen to 'How To Save A Life' which used to always remind me of you when we fought and 'Over My Head' .... </3 <3
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2239日 前
it's so wonderful!!! :)


2239日 前
We r honestly the most emotional people in our friends group tbh. :/ <3


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