A and sakura haruno

A and sakura haruno
sakura haruno is sad because she misses her luv A she loved him in secret nobody knows that she loved him watari has a hint that she does sakura couldnt say anything when A killed himself she didn't know why she didnt help him or her friends . that was sakuras Christmas present from A sakura wanted to gave him his but in the morning when she wakes up she asked watari for pancakes she found him staring AT something in the living room where the christmas tree was at when sakura look at what he was looking at her heart crack and broke it was A he hung himself because he work himself to hard without any sleep so he couldnt take it anymore he killed himself sakura lost her apatite for 5 days she cried under herbangs while her was bent down when everybody came in they saw A all of them gasp then watari saw them and a boy said present time then watari gave them theirs everybody ignore his death matt,mello,near saw sakura angry then she yelled at all of them and told them all of you are ignore A'S death and dont care for him at all and all of you even saw and all of you only care about your presents none of you deserve them your not even thanking watari you brats all of themcouldnt say anything then watari gave sakura hers it was a teddybear she put on a fake siled and said arigato he said welcome she named the teadybear A and he gave her another them somegirl said how come she gets another one then watari saids its from A sakura cried agian (oh by the way i forgot mention that watari got A down) watari ask what does she want for breakfeast and she says nothing i wanted him to have gave him this but sobs hearts hurting i cant mello matt near had sad faces on oh i gave you a presnt to watari is in your room on your bed just like matt mello near A's gift is (sorry i dont know what he likes so just imagine it what you think he likes)oh and i gave roger one as well then sakura turn around walk to her room . and then thats id i dont know how she ends off the naruto's world .


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