Alright guys! I made this because since my first video, our clan members at school have been sky rocketing. I cant even remember half the clan's names!!! the real reason people want to join the clan (rubycat2 I asked you so ur fine girl :D) is to be famous. that's greedy and selfish. this is something I wrote for this situation. Loyalty is what the clan is for. Sticking up for your clanmates when they are being hurt, helping them when they need help, and mostly, fighting with them side by side. If Sandpelt and Redfur understood that, then they wouldn't crave popularity like they do know. Only a couple cats understand that loyalty is what hold the clans together. those people don't crave popularity like Sandpelt and Redfur. they only care for those in need, and they get to be in my videos. Haven't you realized how much people have joined the clan? they are greedy and selfish, only wanting to be famous like you, me, and Guststar. You have really proved yourself loyal, Icefire. that is why you are medicine cat. *Blossomtail to Icefire about the true meaning of the clan*
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