Ancient Runes

Ancient Runes
1) Each rune is the key to certain domains, each symbol is associated with multiple domains, which represent areas of influence in which his magical potential can act. Domains are a complicated system of interpretation of reality, it can be represented with all the Futhark and every aspect finds its correspondence in a domain of a particular rune. If you mean, for example, use a runic system to create lighting, you have to look all the domains that can be traced back to the light, the sun, fire, etc.. More complicated are the intentions, the greater the number of domains that can be associated. A domain is generally an element, an object, a scope, while multiple domains together can even compose a sentence and then translate intention. 2) Odin 3) Isa: corresponds to the sound / letter I, is a sign of ice and immobility life 4) In addition to the series exists only a short Viking, common to all the Germanic peoples, only 16 signs common to all Germanic peoples 5) The word gothic "Runa" means "secret whisper" and from there the mystery, magic, secret thing. 6) The white rune is a rune Futhark old also no historical evidence of the existence of a white rune, meaning "empty". This hypothetical rune divination in some say should symbolize the "Wyrd" Fate. Obviously, this rune has no use in writing and we do not have any trace, being properly a blank space. The use within the divination is understood as the eye of Odin, is a rune of waiting, seen as a protection from the top, if it comes out in this rune divination means that even if things do not seem to have an outlet, however, are immediate protected 7) I would like to know if there is a rune unnamed since I have heard
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