xia and eltrio love READ THE Description NOW IM BEGGING YOU

xia and eltrio love READ THE Description NOW IM BEGGING YOU
I NEED HELP with a xia x eltrio the heros aka eights mom and dad from dragon quest 8 fanfic im not good at all at writeing so please I BEG YOU HELP ME the fanfic i want you people to make for me is the tragady between them never happed they are married live in a cabin in the kingdom of Kingdom of Ascantha they have there son eight who is the main charater in that game and they have another child a daughter who is named rosie she looks like her mother and is 4 months old there son eight is six years old in this fanfic and make rosie a daddys girl and in this fanfic rosie cant sleep so eltrio sings her a lullaby to get her to sleep you can use any lullaby you like i thank my idea is so good and cute SO PLEASE MAKE THIS fanfic for me im begging you to and this fanfic im asking you to make is a oneshot i want anyone to make this fanfic even if they have not played the game so please i beg you help me thank you so much
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