The Late Great Conway Twitty

The Late Great Conway Twitty
The Late Great Conway Twitty: this is my favorite music and singer..As in most endeavors, there are those who met the standards and those who set the standards. For three decades, Conway Twitty enjoyed unequalled staying power in an industry whose shooting stars often descend as quickly as they rise. In the whole world of American popular music only Conway Twitty has had 55 number one records. The Beatles didn't do it. Elvis didn't do it. Frank Sinatra didn't do it. Conway's 55th hit "Crazy in Love" went to number one on the charts as recently as December 1990. During the first fifteen years of R&R's (Radio and Records) country chart histories, this legendary vocalist reigned unchallenged as Top Artist based upon points tallied for the most #1's, most Top 5 and most Top 10 hits during that time frame. (And they missed at least five of his best years when he was having hits like "Hello Darlin'," "Linda On My Mind," and "You've Never Been This Far Before." ) According to R&R, "A steady regime of three or four big hits a year (plus a duet or two) adds up to formidable point totals. Conway Twitty, who won the country crown for the R&R era, accumulated more than twice as many points from his legion of year-end hits than the leader of any other format. Similarly, the artist totals for most #1's, Top 5 and Top 15 hits outstrip those for any other format finalist." When asked how he did it, Conway would quickly explain that he records songs with the message directed to women. He said they "get the message quicker than men do." However, these messages are also for the man who has something he'd like to say to a woman, but has trouble saying it. "All he has to do is drop a quarter in the juke box, press the right buttons and squeeze her at the appropriate time and she'll understand," Conway explained. Throughout his long career, he has touched virtually every popular musical category of the nation: rockabilly, blues, rock'n'roll, Dixieland, R&B, gospel and mainstream country.
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