Information about Jade from the Bratz

Information about Jade from the Bratz
The Complete Information About Jade ^_^ Nickname: Kool Kat. Hey, I’m Jade! I can spend hours at the chemistry lab, but I'm also into experimenting with my style and coming up with new outfits for my friends, too! Fashion Passion: Boldly colored prints and patterns – Always unexpected! Likes: Layering different prints, mixing my own nail polish colors or concocting a new perfume formula, imagining new outfits for my girls to wear, keeping up with my favorite fashion blogs, making my friends laugh ’til they’re rolling on the floor! My Friends Say I'm...: Loud, funny and never boring! Fave Color: Emerald green Fave Food:Sushi! They’re colorful, cute and so delish! Love to Read: National Geographic or anything science- or nature-related! Love to Watch: Stylish foreign films School Subject: Chemistry...There’s science in fashion too, y’know! Shoppin' Splurges: The hottest nail polish colors of the season, perfume (I love figuring out how the scents are created!) My Perfect Day Would be: Getting a mani and pedi with my girls, seeing a cool foreign movie at the independent theater, then grabbing dinner at my fave sushi spot My Fave Pair of Shoes: My hot pink sneakers! My Quirks: I love piling on accessories...Sometimes I don’t know when to stop!
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