happy b-day ronue! ;3

happy b-day ronue! ;3
happy b-day to my best freind on the planet! she is the rockin'est, most exorbantly amazing, and epic person in my life! she is exploding with curiosity and interesting things... like thoughts of killing hoomanz! she dreams of squirrels and funny things, she also eats tuna and catfood (liek me) and makes us cat-toys! her boyfriend's nickname is zabkos meaning little frog.... he is the luckiest boy alive, she is so special and could make any man she wanted happy and confuzzeled at the same time EVERYDAY! she is just amazing, so talented with writing and drawing and has an infinate army of gnome's (heads mostly!) creepy right! but that's how we liek it! happy b-day! >3<
作成者: mei-chan3


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