Christina Ann Cat

Christina Ann Cat
This is Me (forgot bangs xD)| Full Name: Christina Ann Cat Nickname: Just call me Kitty or Ann Clothes: Outfit 1: dark Grey dress (stripe) (long sleeve/sleeveless) Dark Grey boots (stripe) (no headbands or accessories Outfit 2: Dark Grey shirt (stripe) dark gray pants (with stripe) (no accessories, gloves or no gloves for either outfit) Colors: Light Brown Hair and cat tail, Dark Gery Clothes with White stripes hazel/golden eyes light peach muzzle arms and insides of ears Hobbies: Destruction, taking over the world/destroying the world, making friends, having rivals (someone to fight with basically) Best Friends Ever (not in any specific order): Damion Shadow Selena Zelda Heartglen Verity Blaze Lily Aqua the Wolf Storm the Wolf Friends JUST Friends: Amy Tails Cream Cheeze Knuckles Rivals: Sonic Eggman Robtnik you get the picture Power Source(s):Chaos Emeralds Dark Emeralds Forms: Super Dark Hypnotized Demon Angel (rare) Theme Song(s): Addicted by Kelly Clarkson Personality: Quiet Calm Evil crazy random hyper friendly at times loves her friends and Family. Crush: Shadow but he's married so I ain't gonna bother him BF: HECK NO! Status: Single (Divorced 2 times) Family Tree: Matthew the Fox (dad) Brooke the Cat (mom) Leland the Fox (younger Brother) Tails (Uncle) Sonic (Ex Husband) Hunter (Ex Husband)
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