Angel fox

Angel fox
Once a pon a time in a far away land where foxes live there were two foxes who love eachother and one time hunters came sarah the girl fox ran as fast as she could wall she held the baby fox in her mouth and and max the boy fox stayed and garded the house he got shot and so did the mother the baby fox charley went over to there dead bodys after the hunters left charley shed tears on there dead bodys and ran off into a bear cave on axident the bear looked and hurt him and he saw he had no choise to leave he felt like he's never felt before. he died and came back to life. he knew he could still live on and got up and made a loud screach other foxes herd grown up foxes came screaching just what hert the bears ears and the bear ran off deeper into the cave.and they all went out even charley and they took care of charley untill he was grown up. he went to a person's house. he had saw people before never one that nice and they kept him. he had good time's with them.THE END
作成者: chihuahua...


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