From The Clouds The Sun Will Rise

From The Clouds The Sun Will Rise
They will do everything under the sun to confuse you. My advice is to not think too much about the meaning of the dreams. I have had dreams where I was interrogated I guess, but, it was more like I felt like I was in a room being questioned about my actions and intentions and when I woke up, I felt happy because although I didn't remember the words that were said in the dream, I knew I didn't take their offer. I have had dreams of being a child and getting raped by my father and by different men. This is how crazy these projects are....while I worked at Kool Smiles, I told a her there who ended up being a perp that I loved my daddy and I even got deep into conversation with her and told her he never molested me...I went through a journal entry of mine and I mentioned having a great dad and I also mentioned that he never molested me....after that, I began having nightmare's of him raping me as a child.... Then when I was in summer school I continued having dreams but there were guys in my class who made fun of what I wrote in my journal and they also let me know they had access to my, I was confused and wondered if they were using my dad's body to rape me with some voo doo or black, guess what some mad scientist does....(blue beam= influenced dreams)...they started having me be raped by young men and they "blacked" out their faces while they raped me...if made me go to class wired and I thought the men in my class were raping me in my sleep. When I started having dreams of my daddy, I thought that my daddy died and went to hell because he never talked about God...I thought he was a demon and I even cursed him. I have had influenced dreams in the last 2 nights and I could go on and on but, in the end, they want to ruin every single part of your life. There was a time when I would've never thought the government would do this to me and when I was having influenced dreams, I woke up one morning after writing about my dreams in my journal and yahoo posted a article about Dreams Interpetation. Yahoo is corrupted. They advertised an article about how managers watched everything you do online that day I blogged about being let go on a job after the police came into the workplace. Don't think about your dreams too much and overcome them. If you have a rape will go so far and to the pettiest levels with dreams...they aren't from God and that's what some people think, too. I hope people start to realize the Beyonce's Sweet Dreams is our nightmare's and she grinding to it. Rihanna's DIsturbia and Kanye's Paranoid is about influenced nightmare's...those two are victim's of blue beam project and even gang stalking I believe. Kanye's music says a lot and his video's are more than weird...I hate it when I hear someone watch a video that's speaking the truth and says "its just weird"... Rob Thomas Diamond's and Nelly Furtado's Turn Off the Lights is about influenced nightmare's, too
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