Patrick Mansion.Episode 17.Where is your boy?

Patrick Mansion.Episode 17.Where is your boy?
'AHHHHHH!',Patrick woke up with a start. He quickly stood up to find pete screaming his head off,quickly backing away from something on the ground.Patrick gingerley walke dup to see what it was. It was a spider. 'Pete,calm down,calm down!',Patrick soothed bending down to pick it up. 'DUDE!,seroius!Its an effin spider!',Pete screamed. Patrick cirled the spider into his hands and threw it into a bush. He turned around and pete gave him a death stare.'Its gonna be back trick,iv seen it happen'.Patrick laughed him off but it kinda creeped him out.'Ha ha',Patrick turned around to see scoot laughing in a puddle and drinkin rum.'Hey scoot!',Pete shouted across to scoot',Any jobs goin free in th paper today?',Pete said having a look over scoots shoulder. 'Yeh sure pete.oh theres an advert here for erm an andvert where u have to welcome a band named fall out boy onto the tv'. 'Aw ok cool!,'Pete said enthousiasticaly. 'C'mon patrick grab your coat and lets go!',Pete ushered,grabbing his hand and locking up the van'We'll walk'. 'But pete!',Patrick called after him',Im wet!' Pete lughed and turned around',Well thank you patrick!I never knew u liked me THAT much!' 'NO!',Patrick said blushing',From sleeping the puddle. 'Oh man,im sorry',Pete said takin off his jacket and putting it round Patrick. 'Aw thnx dude!,BUt wont u catch like emonia?Its freezing!'Patrick said as they started walking down the bank. 'Not one your around',Pete said unintentialy seductivley,and pinched patricks bum and kissed him on the cheeck. It made patrick giggle and shiver down his spine. 'Hey',PAtrick laughed',Were like dick wittington aye?' 'Yeh!But without the wittington!',Pete lughd back swingin patrick hand. Eventualy they started to see a large towering building close in the distance. But as soon as they nearly got there pete took a turn. 'Hey pete,th radio towers there',Patrick said confused. 'Yeh man i know,but we have like..',Pete said looking at his watch',20 minutes!' 'Wow,ok,then where ARE going?',Patrick asked following pete. 'The park!',Pete exclaimed and took patrick through some rusty gates and they entered what pete called the park. It was pretty much deserted.All that was there were some old swings,a screw loose merri-go-round,some smashed up bins(what fun),some hookers smoking by the bins and a sea-saw and monkey bars with graffiti covering them with endlesss pictures of mens utensils. 'So....',Pete said letting go of patricks hand,but patrick quickly clutched it again as he was frightened of this weird 'park'. 'Woah',Pete laughed',Don't be so scared dude'. 'Ive spent quite a few luxury nights here!' He smiled as he walked past the hookers which were winking at him. Patrick walked past nrevously with his shoulders hunched up. One of the hookers with dirty red lips blew a kiss at him and croaked out'Hey darlin,i cn help with tht back of urs,ya no people call me a stress doctor if ya gt wot i mean!?',She winked dirtily. Pete laughed at her,'Not today thanks beverley macca!' 'You know her??!',Patrick whispered angrily. Pete tapped patrick on his bum and told him not to worry. Pete ran across to the swings',Ill push you if you like?',He said to patrick. 'Oh-ok',Patrick murmered nervously slipping onto the dusty seat. 'Ya ready?',Pete asked grabbing hold of his chair. 'Sure!',Patrick laughed as he kicked of with his feet. Pete made sure he pushed patrick delicatley as he laughed but soon asked to be pushed harder and higher. 'K dude,now were gonna do a lil trustin game',Pete said. 'Wha-what do ya mean',Patrick worried. 'Na nah,its ok man!',Pete reasured',All im gonna do is give you one BIG push,let you go,then you have to jump and IF im quick enough i can run around and catch you,you just have to trust me.' 'What the hell!,no pete dont do this!' 'NO man patrick ill catch you!,trust me! And before patrick had time to answer pete let go,patrick flew through the air off the swing! BUT sure enough landed in petes arms.'I told you id catch you',Pete laughed as he held patrick tightly and kissed him gently on the lips.'Woah,wait pete,what time is it?' Pete freaked out and looked at his watch but was careful not to drop patrick. 'we have to go its half past!',pete yelled runnign with patrick in his arms because patrick would slow him down,even though he himself was fsat too. Soon enough they reached the back of the audtiotion line for the advert. 'Erm,...Pete and patrick!',A large doorman shouted from the top of the line. PAtrick took a deep breath as pete clutched his hand and they walked into the audtion room. 'Ok',said a obviously gay and fruity producer at the audtion table,'We are gonna ask you to say a to say a few line darlings ok?,off you go!' Pete and patrick were stood in fron ot a huge sighn reading FALL OUT BOY. Patrick began to read his lines. Pete then did so too and rembered to smile,unlike patrick who was too shy. 'Ok baby's',said the gay producer',Erm..i get sandra to give yall a phone call tomorrow to se if you got it,gud luk babes,im routin for ya!' That instanlty put a smile on patricks face as pete and him walked back to the bridge swingign hand in hand. Soon enough they heard scoots muttering which was always to be heard in his drunk afternoons. 'Hey boys',Scoot croaked',Howd th audition go?,Im jst poppin to see beverley macca!',Scoot laughed and waltzed off in the direction of the park. 'Well done patrick',Pete said leaning into him. Patrick shivered as pete leaned onto him. 'I have a special award for you doing so well',Pete smirked at patrick. 'Wh-what do you mean?',PAtrick managed to muble out. 'Well...',Pete said and pulled down his zip on his skinnys. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!.......
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4081日 前
I loled so hard at beverly macca!!!! lol! HOW CUD U STOP IT RITE THERE U MINX!!!


4081日 前
loed at the dick whittignton- cant wait till u finish it!


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