Patrick Mansion.Episode 12.Wish me luck.

Patrick Mansion.Episode 12.Wish me luck.
Patrick woke up first. It must have been Patricks singing. Pete cleared his eyes ans sat up slowley,stretching his arms out wide with a yawn. 'Good morning sleepy head',Patrick said flippinmg over some baccon. 'Sleepy?,'Pete mumbled still half asleep',Its 7:30 in the morning'. 'The early bird catches the worm',Patrick luaghed now boiling Pete's rusty kettle. 'Ah-damn!',Patrick yelped as he bounced up and down on one foot,Pete settled him on the sofa and held up his foot. 'Aww oooh uch,trick,looks like you stood on one of my cd's!',Pete said picking out little shards. 'Oh man im sooo sorry'. 'Nah its ok,its only gee's mindless self indulgence cd its rubbish anyway',Pete laughed dabbing at the blood on patrick has he removed the last shard. 'Ah thnx soo mch man!what woukd i do without you!',patrick laughed but winceing as he stood up.'Right let me get this finshed',Patrick said limping over to the hot stove. 'No no no!',Pete said pushin patrick back onto the sofa.'ill cook,even though thid i dmy favourit eprogramme i m going to make a brew',Pete said stubbornly laughing at the last joke on Family guy. It was about 15 mins that had passed whilst Patrick had switched over to America's next top model. Patrick heared a scarcthing at the door and hemingway popped his lil cute head through and jumped up on to patricks lap.(lucky dog soz!) 'I tell you wat hemingway,ill b livin la vida loco when our petes dun with them bacon sarnies!',Patrick laughed as suddenly the smoke alarm went off and a dazzled pete came staggering out of the door covered in black smoak. 'Oh my god pete!',Patrick cried runnign and catching him,'Are you ok?' 'Yeh,'Pete just about gasped',Breakfast is ready'. Patrick laid Pete down onto the sofa and wlaked into the kicthen to find mess EVRYWHERE! So the only thing Patrick could do was whip up sum quick cereal. 'Here you go pete',Patrick said laying down the heavy tray by him and hemingway. 'Thnx dude',Pete gasped taking a sip of his apple juice. 'Hey trick,what time is it?',Pete asked looking at his watch',Oh my god its 10am!' 'Oh god!',Patrick shriked runnign into Pete's bedroom like a flash,'Ive got to get to that record sighing in Crewe with Alice!' Patrick was half way through pulling up his skinnys as he heard a creak at the door. 'Pete!,'Patrick screamed as Pete was crying in laughter at the doorway. 'Now THAT made my breakfast!',Pete laughed hard. Soon Patrick pulled up in the taxi outside HMV and sure enough there was the giant hord of Paparazzii and addoring fans at the building. Patrick trevlled down the side of the bulding and sat down next to Alice on the same table ready to sighn and meet some great fans. Patrick had no time to say anything because as soon as the doors were opened up cam the first fan of millions. Finaly the day was over at 2:30pm. Patrick felt butterlfies and so did ALice as they turned to face eachother. 'So,good show last night',Patrick mumbled out. 'Aw why thanks and you too,this might sound cheesy but youre like one of my idols',Alice laughed,embarassed. But before Patrick could say another word up came Nell bounding towards Alice,Bradley in arm.'Hey Alice you ready to go?' 'Sure sure',She said neatening out her dress and grabbing her things. 'Were going to go and meet up with Rebbecca and EmmaLeighh in McDonalds to grab a bite,wanna come Patrick?'Alice asked logning for a yes. 'hmmm...sure id love to!',Patrick smiled grabbing his water and wallet. 'Ha ha and dont worry pat,theryl b boys there!',Nell lughed as Bradley grabbed her hand and sung it gently. 'Erm..he hates being called Pat',Alice blushed. 'K...trick,lets go',Nell smiled and they walked over to McDonalds. 'Hey im Braddie',A man said shaking Patrick's hand as he sat down. 'And you alredy know me',Bradley lughed pulling out Nells chair. 'Oh and im Josh',Another man said helping another one of Alice's beautiful bff's,Rebecca. 'So trick,what do you want?' 'Erm burger and large fries thnx'.Patrick said nervously as Josh,Bradley and Bradie laughed and EmmaLeigh,Nell and becca nudgend them all. Soon it had fell dark and Bradley took Nell home,Josh took Becca home and Bradie took EmmaLeigh home. 'So trick where now?',Alice said. 'Mine??',Patrick said cheeckily. 'Oh u,'alcie laughed salpping him jockingly on the arm. 'Hey erm...nice...big place',Alice laughed once they had arrived. 'hey i bet ur used to this kinda thing though right!',Patrick lughed leading her in. 'Erm Kinda',Alice giggled back. Patrick took Alice round the back to the heated pool. 'Hey wanna play headstands?',Alice asked with a wink in her eye. 'yeh i love tht game!',Patrick said cheerfully. 'K ill go first',Alice said flipping over in the pool. 'AHHHH!',Alice screamed as Patrick grabbed her legs',Let go she girgled trying to reach the water. She chased him across th pool luaghing. As they got to the edge Patrick offered a drink. 'No thanks',Alice refused. 'Oh ok sure,well i wudn't want you to dammaged yor voice anyway',Patrick smirked. There was a pause as Alice held Patricks hands underneath the water. 'Ya know i think our kind of beautfiul',Alice whispered. 'Wow how hard did u hit your head!',Patrick luaghed. 'Oh sorry',Alice said blushing,embarrased. 'No,its ok',Patrick whispered back pulling her closer. 'I think it too',He said as he pulled her chin in for a kiss. 'HEY PATRICK BAG OF-' Pete shouted roudning the corner but before he got out the final word he stopped at the sight in front of him. Alice and Patrick in a passionate kiss.
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3773日 前
Well.. i didn't do muchh. just sit. bradien took me home. wow i loved it. 


3773日 前
OMG THT WAS SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! I noticed so many royle family jokes there i loled so hard at "bag of_!" hahahahaah and 'I tell you wat hemingway,ill b livin la vida loco when our petes dun with them bacon sarnies! hehehehe!!!!! and btw i noticed a little new moon qoute 2 loL! And my heart flutterd wen i was wiv bradley lol!


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