Okay So there's a girl in my skool.Her names Unknown. She very preety, smart,and funny.We have a lot of things in common- but TOO many things in common.We like the same guys. I say that we have the same taste. She say "OMG She likes everyone I like".So this problem came TOO much of a problem. On a website so called "Myspace" she has told people our problem,gave loads of info.So THIS prob became REALLY BIG. People been coming up to me saying "_____ wants to fight U". I don't say anything cuz im not that type a person who talks crap and things like that.So my first saying SOMETHING BAD."She not gonna do JACK TO NOBODY.She know she can't Fight.Watch when she come to school on Monday she gonna be all goodie goodie!"..I was rite.But seriously..come on.._____ can fight??-thinking- SIKE!!!!! I wanna say something rite now. How can _____Can punch with those FAT fingers.{{Now if U think I'm going to far..Well think about how im not naming!!:)}} I'm wouldn't feel a THING!THERES ANOTHER GURL WHOS GETTING ON MY LAST DANG NERVE!!!!And HER NAME IS BAMUE JACKSONNN!!!! Dat African Lil gurl is ON my LAST nerve I WILL EVER have.She tells lies about EVRYONE,ANYWHERE,AND ANYTIME!!!! I'm not gonna change the subject to HER.But ANTI-WAYS!!Bamue calls me saying "_____ is gonna beat you UP.Cuz she bringing ALL her friends to come fight U" Next day of school (Monday) I come to school all hipie and excited cuz I knew _____ and Bamue Jackson is a lier.So i just come in waiting for someone to say something to me cuz if they did something would have been goin ON.So NOBODY didn't say NADA to me. SOOOOO I was @ my locker I see _____ Passing by with some peops I dont say NADA to that gurl.When i get into class I'm like "Hello children of the world!". And _____ COMES IN.I give her no look just movin on wit my life..doin my MATH work. AND she HAS THE ORDASITY TO ASK ME "What lesson Are we on?". I was like Oh heck naw in my mind. I ask a student next to me "Did she just- Did U-". And I staand up saying. "Didn't Like 22 hrs and 45minutes ago U tellin people Wack?" And Its a luck thing she didn't say anything back.So she writes me something saying.."Who told Dr.Thomas (Our Counciler) What ive been talking about?"I'm like Oh Naw I answered saying.."...-.-"And she says nothing.But what she does is she dont apoligize so she pretends like it never HAPPEND.So..Now she excepts me to accept her apoligy she hasn't made..HA!Not in her dreams until she mean it.Thats how Tyasia (Ty-asia) works and thats how she'll ALWAYS work!Ha- SEE YA!
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