詳細付ビュー アイコン表示ビュー
Pisces Aphrodite: Silence Is As Deep As Eternity, Speech A Shallow As Time.
Capricorn Shura: There Can Be No Deep Disappointment Where There Is Not Deep Love.
❀ Sebastian Michaelis for Serena
Andromeda Shun: No Matter How Many Times I Had Fallen I Always Rise Cause Is My Story I'm Writing Not Theirs!
『❋ Subaru Sakamaki ❋』
people who fight with fire usually end up with ashes
кαямα αкαвαиє~❤
『✮ Camus ✮』
Tadpole of a Fisherman
❀ Yato for Kat
『✩ Nikkari Aoe ✩』
νι¢тσя иιкιfσяσν~ ❤ fσя мια.